Lead Artist for Bransholme Health Centre September 2009 - 2012

Themed artwork reflects the four floor levels of the Health Centre and the history of North Point site. Sally Greaves-Lord utilised these themes in developing the interior colour palettes for each floor.

North Point Shopping Centre was built on the former site of RAF Sutton, the home of the 17th Balloon Centre from1939-42. Barrage balloons feature in the archive image wallpapers in the milling space, they were also the inspiration for the ‘Shimmer’ artwork on the lift walls.

The entrance artwork was created using over 400 drawings which were produced by the community in workshops hosted by North Point Shopping Centre.

Commissioner: City Care – NHS Hull
Architect: HLM

Photographs 1-14 © Jerry Hardman-Jones

Signage: taken from Banner artwork  

Hornsea pottery patterns: Linda Schwab

Hornsey pottery patterns: Linda Schwab

1nd Floor: STREET theme -  Sally Greaves-Lord

2nd Floor: TREE theme -  Sally Greaves-Lord

Ground Floor: FOSSIL theme - Sally Greaves-Lord

Stairwell: painting by Sally Greaves-Lord

entrance wallpaper: archive image - courtesy IWM

Corridor wallpapers: archive image - courtesy IWM

1st floor: Rodeca Screens