Five new copes for St. Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne- in collaboration with Sally Greaves-Lord

“Look closely and you’ll see reeds and feathers and the play of sunlight on the water; you’ll see images of Tyneside’s industrial and engineering past: the girders and rivets and graceful curves that make up the structures of the city’s great bridges. Meanwhile the hoods – each related to the saint to whom our stalls are dedicated - Nicholas, Cuthbert, Osmund, Finan and Benedict Biscop, - offer images picking up the traditional emblems associated with the saints or the landscapes connected with their story.”
‘Sermon of new copes’ by the Dean of Newcastle.

Photographs - many thanks to the Very Rev'd Christopher Dalliston, the Rev'd Canon John Sinclair, the Rev’d Canon Steven Harvey and the Rev’d Canon Kevin Hunt.


St. Osmund cope - reverse & hood   

St. Osmund hood -  detail

St. Cuthbert cope + stole   

St. Cuthbert cope  

St. Cuthbert cope - hood

St. Cuthbert hood - detail